IXION: a Theatre Ensemble


Ixion is an ensemble committed to the magic of collaboration that is live theatre. We are thrilled to be part of such a dynamic and diverse theatre commmunity in Lansing. 

Theatre is an art form built on collaboration. Not just the collaboration of artists, but also of audience with performance. It only exists when others join us in exploring story. We hope you will join us on this search to communicate.

To purchase tickets online for any Ixion event, please visit eventbrite.com and search Ixion. That will display all upcoming events available. Tickets can always be purchased at the door (when available).



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Email: ixionensemble@gmail.com
Phone: 517.775.4246

Shows for 2016-2017

A season comprised entirely of new works.

The Amazing Jesus by O.G. Ueberroth--The setting is a cemetery on Dia de los Muertos and Leticia is struggling to find understanding, meaning and hope in a strange world filled with magicians and transforming uncles.
September 24,25, October 1 & 2

Every Breath You Take by Graham Farrow-- A couple struggles in their simple suburban life to understand how they could have brought such pain into their home.
November 12, 13, 19 & 20

Askew, Askance, A Squirrel!: An Evening in Lisa Konoplisky's World by Lisa Konoplisky--Two one acts take us into the absurd and off-kilter sensibilities of this quirky writer.
March 18, 19, 25 & 26

Geeked!--This collection of original one act plays explores the world of geeks, fan girls, gamers and others obsesses with alternate worlds or fantasy lives. (Submissions are being accepted until September 30 to be considered for inclusion.)
May 13, 14, 20 & 21

All shows will be performed in The Robin Theatre, 1105 S. Washington, Lansing, MI.

"While the scripts for the first three slots are new, the writers are familiar friends," observes Ixion Artistic Director, jeff croff. "It's been my pleasure over the years to have directed scripts by all three authors. In fact, in the case of O.G. Ueberroth, this marks the third of her scripts that Ixion will have debuted! Add on the vitality of original short plays built around the theme "Geeked!" and I'm excited to bring another crop of new works to Lansing audiences. I'm equally excited to be bringing new directors to the Ixion stage."
For more information, visit Ixion's facebook page, tweet @ixionensemble, email ixionensemble@gmail.com or call 517.775.4246.

Ixion is also pleased to announce that it has obtained its 501(c)3 non-profit status, which now makes donations tax-deductible!

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